Wellness Facilitator

Ben Ryan grew up in the North East of England in a city called Sunderland. He was an active child who participated at a high level in both soccer and cricket, earning national recognition.

His involvement in team sports from an early age instilled him with an excellent understanding for what is required to be a successful organization and what it takes to manage teams effectively.

During high school, Ben lost his father to a long-term illness and it affected him significantly. He became withdrawn, suffered a huge loss in confidence and developed anxiety and panic attacks that effected his schooling and teenage years in general. Around the same time, he lost 3 schoolmates to tragic circumstances which only heightened the issues that he was experiencing. Struggling to cope, he was referred to specialist counsellors and behavioral therapists to help him overcome his grief.

These people helped change Ben’s mentality and outlook on how the mind works as well as recognising how every person is different and therefore needs to be managed in a different way.

Since moving to Australia, Ben has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science as well as Wellness Coaching qualifications that allow him to work with businesses and individuals at improving their health and wellbeing. He creates programs for companies who want to enable their staff to fulfil their potential by being ‘at their best’ physically and mentally. He is also available to help individual clients to reach goals by helping them overcome any obstacles that life has thrown their way.

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