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Business may be running fine but could it possibly be better?
Discover how the right wellness program can skyrocket overall employee morale and company productivity, all whilst reducing sickness payments/sick pay
WellBiz develops wellness programs tailored to your organization, fitting in seamlessly with the company’s operations
We work with the entire company – from the top down to each individual – to positively impact company culture

Empowering Holistic Wellness

Since the inception of the WellBiz program there have been a number of positive outcomes including a reduction in absenteeism, an increase in productivity and a general lift in staff morale .

The most exciting thing has been implementing the Wellness program with random groups meeting to discuss day to day concerns and the option for individuals to have one on one’s with Ben for more personal and private matters. The group sessions offered a neutral ground for team members to table their concerns which were met with realistic courses of action (the feedback was exceptional) but it was with the one on ones where we have seen our biggest benefits to date.

One or two individuals in particular have seen dramatic turnarounds in the health, both physically and mentally after a course of sessions with Ben.

Kyle McMillan

Branch Manager, Furnx, NSW

Meet Ben
My experience in working with teams has helped foster team spirit in companies. Through the years, I’ve impacted company culture with programs that help staff to be at their best, both physically and mentally. This has led to a more effective & efficient workplace, along with better work relationships and increased employee satisfaction.

A small step goes a long way.

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As a business we were looking for a health and wellbeing program to introduce to our employees.

After looking at few different programs, we decided that Wellbiz would be the perfect fit for our business.

Since the introduction of our wellbeing program, the interaction with Ben Ryan and our employees has been refreshing.

Our employee’s attitude has changed, we have also had a reduction in absenteeism and we have notice a positive culture change on site.

Paul Cavanagh

Logistics Manager, Rapidline, VIC

Or risk the costs that may negatively impact your business.

Build a successful, happy and streamlined organisation. It starts with your team.

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